Wardrobe Essentials for Men

What can we as man have in our wardrobe? What is the trend? And which style best fits me? If this is some well-known issue then this is just the thing for you.

There are millions of guides about fashion and style for women and almost none for men. So here I will try to come up with my bud who is not bound by the current fashion and style but that is simply a general guideline so you can use it year after year and still follow the trend. However, you may have some sort of idea what you like stylistically since this is a guide to the most important basic clothing to your wardrobe.

My first advice is to buy your clothes at decent places, and not in the grocery store, supermarket or similar, it is okay with activewear, nightwear for home use and to some situations but for God’s sake, not for everyday use. On the other hand, HM is recommended for the most basic things and found something delicious to the relaxation look.

It is a good idea to find a good men’s clothing shop where you can then ask the clerk for help to say what you like and do not like when the clerk is there for you and your style and will not be offended if you say that it is not just you.

So we begin!


  1. A coat for winter
  2. A summer/spring/fall jacket
  3. A leather jacket is also a good especially when you like retro tyle

coat for winter

It is not necessary for men to have more, since we do not use them if we have too many.


  1. 2 – 3 pairs of cool jeans are never wrong and if you are into slim fit makes it is also super
  2. 2 pairs of pants in particular a pair of black or gray hitter always

cool jean


  1. 3 shirts for jeans one in white and another in black and the last in an optional color if you are crazy when it’s use for jeans. It is very important that it has a passport form so it doesn’t just hangs like a big square.
  2. 1 white shirt to suit

Today it is a super trend with shirts and a chequered lumberjack shirt that we never go wrong with.

Polo and t-shirt

Here, it is important that you think about what you like to wear in if you go much in Polo shirts or t-shirts you must of course buy more. But a good general rule is 3-4 Polo shirts and the same with t-shirt and here it is a good idea to get a white and black by each and then choose the colors you like and another good general rule is to buy 2 extra white or black t-shirts designed to come in under things such as an open lumberjack shirt.


Here it is a good idea to ask ourselves whether we need one. But otherwise, it’s a good general rule to say one to two piece and there must, of course, also be taken into account in order to purchase more if you use it at work.


Here it comes, of course, depends on what it is for. But it is good to buy 2-3 pairs of sneakers like the one in white and one in black and the last in an optional color.

A few nice shoes to suits and fine use.

So we have gone through the most important points. I hope that it is something you can use, otherwise you can read more here.